Save on Shipping by Ordering More Items!

When you order from our shop, there is a flat handling fee charged by UPS for pickup and delivery. This covers the basic cost of getting your order to your door.

On top of that, there is a small additional shipping cost based on the weight and dimensions of your package. However, this cost doesn't increase much if you add more items to your order.

For example, if you order 1 item, the shipping cost might be $5. If you order 3 items, the shipping cost might only go up to $7.

So take advantage of this shipping structure and get the most for your money by ordering more items! The more you add to your cart, the lower your effective shipping cost per item becomes.

We have this flat handling structure in place to cover the fixed costs of fulfillment like packaging and pickup. But once these fixed costs are covered, adding additional lightweight items to your order doesn't raise the shipping rates much.

So go ahead and stock up - you'll save money on a per item basis when you order more! Let us know if you have any other questions about shipping rates. We're happy to help make sure you get the best deal possible.